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The Ultimate Guide to Applying for an Indian eVisa Online

Updated: Sep 28

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining an Indian eVisa online. If you're planning a trip to the incredible land of India, this article is your passport to a hassle-free visa application. Let's dive right in.

Introduction to the Indian eVisa

Before we embark on the journey of obtaining your Indian eVisa, let's understand what it is and why it's a popular choice among travelers.

The Indian eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that allows foreign nationals to visit India for various purposes, such as tourism, business, and medical treatment. It eliminates the need for a traditional visa stamped on your passport, making the application process quicker and more convenient.

Step 1: Visit the Official Indian Visa Website

Your eVisa application begins with a visit to the official Indian Visa website. Simply type "" into your web browser's address bar and hit enter. This is the official portal for all eVisa applications.

Step 2: Choose Your Visa Category

On the website's homepage, you'll find different categories for eVisa applications. Select the one that best matches your purpose of travel, whether it's for tourism, business, or medical treatment.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

Click on the chosen category and proceed to fill out the online application form. Ensure that you provide accurate information regarding your personal details, passport information, and travel plans. Double-check your entries to avoid any errors.

Step 4: Upload Required Documents

Depending on the type of eVisa you're applying for, you may need to upload supporting documents such as a recent passport-sized photograph, a scanned copy of your passport's bio page, and any additional documents specified by the authorities.

Step 5: Payment of Visa Fees

Once your application is complete and documents are uploaded, you'll be prompted to pay the applicable visa fees. Ensure that you have a valid credit or debit card for this transaction.

Step 6: Review and Submit

Before submitting your application, review all the information you've provided to ensure its accuracy. Once you're satisfied, click the "Submit" button.

Step 7: Receive Your eVisa

After successful submission, you will receive an electronic receipt with a unique Application ID. This ID can be used to track the status of your eVisa. Processing times may vary, but typically, you will receive your eVisa via email within a few business days.

Step 8: Travel to India

Once you have your eVisa approval, you're all set to travel to India. Print a copy of your eVisa and keep it with you during your journey. Indian immigration authorities will verify your eVisa upon arrival.


Obtaining an Indian eVisa online is a straightforward and convenient process that simplifies your travel preparations. With this electronic travel authorization, you can explore the wonders of India without the complexities of a traditional visa application. So, get ready to embark on your Indian adventure hassle-free!

By following this step-by-step guide, you can ensure a smooth application process and look forward to experiencing the rich culture, history, and beauty that India has to offer. Bon voyage!

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